Training and Sweat Lodge #2

Sweat Lodge #2 went down again a couple weekends ago.  This time the wife wanted to go. At first, she was not into it but with the mounting stress from many angles she elected to roll with it.  In the end , it was good for both of us.  I am sure she wants to tell her side the way it went down so that telling I will leave to her.  On this time, I elected to roll on some psychedellics to enhance the ride.  A micro dose mind you, but it changes the ride a bit anyhow.

I asked permission as that is the right thing to do and it was granted as long as I kept it on the micro dose as I had planned.  This go round it was a full house as more people joined the fracas of darkness and light and sweaty time.  Some of the same from the first go were there and like anything I learned a bit more about them.  The ones that were new to me varied from 20s to 60s.  It was a nice even mix. Last time we had the lady who cramped so badly at the end she had to leave the Lodge. This go she was not there but another lady who had not been in 10 plus years showed up. She had more ailments and life beaten tires kicked  then the cramps lady(as we all do).  She also had a super elderly dog to add to the collection. Of course he was named Leon as in Leon the Lion.   One of the younger guys who has dealt with alot of substance abuse issues was heading to Peru for a 3 or4 week silent retreat. I found out later he studied law and was heading in that direction until his substance issues derailed that and after a ayahuasca ceremony and alot of personal work was told in his vision to be a writer so now he is pursuing that. Obviously this will be after Peru and the silent treatment.

One of the guys from last time was there. I was across the lodge from him last time which is only about 6 or 8  feet or so but as I learned on the second round, that 6 or 8 feet was like being in a whole other room compared to the  3 feet this time.  One of the prayers is for the people who you feel did you wrong in some way. This is a way of forgiving obviously and moving on.  Well during this prayer it can be pretty  much anyway you want-in silence or out loud. The last sweat lodge, the people had a normal volume tone and most of it blended together so you were not really distracted much by. Well this time, it was super difficult as this guy was saying some shit.  Most of it was prefaced with Creator and followed up by things like;

-even though my boss is fin' stupid and doesn't know what he is doing..

-help me from beating so and so for saying ..

-teach me patience with so and so even though they are morons and will never get it...

-give me strength to not tell everyone to f off

This was what went on for about 10 mins or so.  I would have to raise my own voice just to drown out some of the things he was venomously letting out.  Even when doing that, it was still difficult so eventually I just prayed that he not be such a angry old guy.  I still got out some good prayers for people but the distraction was strong in this one. In reflection, it was funny in the sense that forgiveness comes in many forms-some way funnier than others.

The other lady I mentioned earlier replacing crampy lady was on the other side of the wife. I am not kidding when I said she had alot of health problems. I later learned she was abused badly by her ex-husband and did not take care of herself at all, but in the meantime as the Sweat Lodge went on I had serious concerns for her even making it through the first round as in call a ambulance level of concern. The weezing ,groaning  and sometimes air bourne noises she made sounded like the end was very close.  During these ceremonies, many herbs and dried plants are placed on the hot rocks as blessings and like the peace pipe , the smoke and fragrance is used to bring in the helping spirits and ancestors.  She asked for a certain herb in a faint and airless voice. It was passed to her and a few minutes later the weezing and short chops of breathing settled and became more normal.   She moved around some here and it was usually accompanied by her own fragrancy noises.

Last time, it was quite a bit warmer  outside and I had to get out each round as my anxiety mounted. I was never great at saunas over a long period of time passes.  This go with it being colder, no one left at anytime during the rounds.  i worried a bit about old man pee time for me but it did not become a concern so much as just fleeting thoughts once in awhile.  Once again, the first round was the most powerful for me but each subsequent round  I still got alot out of each and some good cleansing sweat but was not ready to run out as soon as the flap opened. This may have been contributed to microdose allowing me not to dwell and create imaginary frenzy.

We ended with the usual food feast at the end.  There was not as much KFC this time but other things like microwavable ribs showed up.  We brought more fruit and veggies this time which always go nice. On the way in I got a sweet tea for the end of night. After a good cleansing, some sweet tea is awesome.  Last time they had some unsweeted tea which I sucked down vigorously but it is not the same as sweet tea.  After a couple of plates of food, I looked over the and  the wife is zombied out.  She seemed like she was not herself so I asked her if she wanted to take off and she said yes.  Apparently, the young kids were a bit douchey and sucked the life out of her good time.  As young goes, when you don't know shit about shit, you really ought to shut up. But being pretentious is part  of being young.

As far as sending out good vibrations and praying for people this is a very positive way.  Whether you believe it or not, it does help. Our positive vibes did seem to help the people and in particular the young child I designated my prayer rock to. He has been through countless surgeries with his medical issues.  He had not been outside walking around in quite awhile according to  his mom. Well the day after the lodge, he was outside having fun and doing what kids do-live.  As far as the microdosing, other then guy screaming out rants , not much bothered me-at all.  I was able to reflect more with less of a ocean of thoughts beating relentlessly upon the shores.


Tim Tim activations. It was also time for some BT work on my guts and arms. Spent about 45 mins between both sections

3 laps hand cuff drags

Hammer shoulder press. I drop the seat to the bottom so the movement is short so I can press without my left shoulder looking like a bucking bronco on each rep.  Press 5 reps, 10 sec tempo hold at lowest point x 3 per set for 4 rounds

Standing one arm pulls on hammer pulldown 5x10

Broke out the dumbbell handles and did some fly work on the floor.  5 reps regular with 3 reps relax on fully open x5 rounds

Some static work holding for 20 to 30 secs 6 sets.


Activations and 3 laps sled drag


Light activations

Reverse Hypers 6x12

Ab fallouts on suspension straps 6x8

Hack leg press 4x12 pausing at bottom for 5 secs per rep. Working on being able to breathe normally at the bottom of the rep while maintaining diaphragm expansion

Leg extension 8 reps holding at full extension for 8 sec then alternating back and forth and hold for 5 seconds per leg. 6 sets

Stability ball hamstrings 3x8

One lap bakards drag(about 15 mins)


3 laps sled drag

300 reps pulldowns


10 min cardio circuit with 1 minute sanddune with pulsars, 1 min rest,  1 min two hand swing for 5 rounds

Fat Bar speed press with one pad 8 x3 moving up a bit in weight each 3sets while moving the grip out.  3 pad for two heavier sets x 2 reps each

Forward dips  20 reps mixed with bench style dips 10 to 15 x3 rounds

Lightning Rod curly raises 4x 10 to 12

Tim Tam and boomstick activations



2 extended laps sled drag about 20mins


Reverse hypers 5x12 pre, 1 x25 post

Squat with new squat buddy. Worked up to 435x2x3,  Did a couple sets of Big Z 1/4 squats to get used to a heavier load 485x2,  525x2.  with the hip complaining for a couple months now, the Squat Buddy keep my hips compressed nicely to do the work without any discomfort. Pretty happy with this since I haven't squatted more teh 275 in 3 months.

Belt squat. Sean was doing some time sets so I jumped in there. He was eyeballing the clock on his 30 second sets and struggling to make them without panicing. Told him to just focus on the breath with a longer inhale and exhale(3 to5 sec inhale and same for exhale if possible) to keep his mind off the clock.  If possible just look ahead as long as he could. Helped him alot. After many years of figuring this out myself, glad it was useful.

Did some close stance with pause at bottom 4x10.  For fun at the end, did a 1:45 after he was done with alitle less weight. Probably could have managed another 2 ro 3 minutes at that pace.  Not really something geared towards strength but certainly for hypertrophy sessions this is a good way to do it after your main squats or whatever lower  work you do.

Was feeling peachy and wanted to get in a bit of cardio so did 15 minutes of stairs by twos.  Worked of my pulser action(Weck Method)  while climbing which makes it a easier climb and recovery process.   This style also makes your running and sprinting more efficient(my personal experience but I will vouch for it for sure) , your air recovers better and lastly the most important part you will be faster.  My feet are trashed on Sunday.

Tim tam and boomstick activations after for about 30 minutes.




30 mins bike

Seated press to chin to warm up. 5x20, 3x5 tempo top and 5sec at chin

Rear Delts on shouldermachine 5x10 with holds at top for 3 secs each

Med ball toss off stability ball 15lbx15x3, 25lbx12x3

Bosu ball push up 5 pushup with 5 plyo x2 per set x 4 rounds



20 mins stepmill

Hangin abs 4x20

Hung upside down in Big Ray Strap 3 minutes

Did my band hanging protocol for back/erectors/chest/lats


Deadlifts sumo with squat buddy. Worked up to 5x1x3


Reverse hypers 4x 10

Broke out the zercher straps and did:

KB zerchers off sanddune and 6 inch step under dunes 3x9

Attached zercher straps to 160 BT roller. Did Obliques 3x3 per side

Did a one arm carry using  zercher strap BT roller set up.

20 minutes stepmill


BT static tempering across stomach up to ribs for 2 minutes holds every couple of inches

MAG grip wide pulldowns  nonstop 10x10 moving down stack each set

Neutral grip 8x8

Dumbell press starting with 20lb and going nonstop to 65lb. Then 4x10 with 2 count at bottom with 2 sec contraction

Fat Bell rear delt 3x10 with hold at end

1/4 dips 8x10

Hooked band to rack and did a upside down hammer curls  3x8

Walked 3 laps and did 20 mins stepmill

11/18 nutin

11/17 Helped guys and did Sweat Lodge again with the Oldies

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