Training and the strangest dream


Actiavtions with boom stick and tim tam

Broke out the new sled rope attachment and hooke it to a 8 foot band and did hand over hand rows on the turf. Pretty suck and it was enough to bring Dale out to film it.  8 rounds

Fat  bell press. Worked up to 106s till the shoulder got pissy

Machine presses 8 x8

Took the rope and band set up  and did wood chop 4 rounds

Then over head triceps 5x failure

And then... curly things 4 rounds

25 minutes of steps by twos

Ok the strangest dream and I am terrible at remembering these anymore. There were times in my life where I have dreamed and been able to do things vividly in my dreams and this was one of them. It reminded me of the Maximum Overdrive movie where the vehicles are possessed although I think there was someone being a asshole driving the rig. Sorta fuzzy on that.  Somehow, I know he or the rig is trying to run me over or throw me off his rig and I manage to jump down to the side on it. Very Mad Max Fury Road with the modifeid rig  i would say except without the "Chrome..Chrome..Vahalla" thing going on.  Back to it, I have managed to wedge myself in a area of the rig outside he can not get to. I am hangin on as the rig is flying down the road. The next thing I know there is something shooting at me, some kind of liquid fire acid thing ,almost the acid blood from Alien series. It gets closer and closer to me and I am trying to squeeze myself against what I think is the cab.  The firey acid begins to hit my forehead and eyebrows with a buring sensation occurs.  Then somehow I see two sets of train tracks and I jump, well hurl myself, for them. Obviously there are two trains coming one from each direction on the seperate tracks. The rig follows me and I get accorss both tracks right as the trains pass seemingly simutainously. The trains derail as they try to avoid the rig and  is a big poof as the rig seems to hit a big hill of dirt that is so fine it looks like flour between the two sets of tracks.  I don't really look back anymore and start running and it feels something is covering my brow and eyes which I realize is the swelling from the fire acid. I can't really see well as I am running thinking the rig has started back after me again. I take a side road and find a dark place by a truck trailer to hide. My vision is back as the what I think is the dead skin and tissue falls away.  I duck under the back of the trailer to hide and I think someone is there trying to help me... But is it the driver's trailer and who is this person who is seemingly trying to help me......Then it is wakey wakey  and  off to the  bathroom for old man pee time.


Light activations

3 laps regular sled


Activation w tim-tam and BT time on stomach

Leg press with heels turned in. Worked up to 85% for 5x6. Mainly my hip is still acting pissy so no squats today.  Just worked on knees tracking outside

Medium stance pit shark with same knees tracking out and pull out from the groin area. I did put the bowtie on as some compression on the hip and adductor. 5x6

Wide stance two hand swing with 154lb 4x8

REverse hypers 5x12

Took he yoke out arund the parking lot for cardio and a bit more rehab work. Added more distance then usual on this lap.  Short 70ft walk with active rest.


Activations with Tim Tam

3 laps belt drag.

The plumber had to come fix one of the showers at the gym today as the valve was installed upside down causing both shower heads to run.  Anyhow, I sit here in my stink and wet drawers working on other things. Just a pleasant thought for your day. ha



Tim tam activations with some boomstick work as well

Ab wheel 5x 8

Assisted pull  up 8x8

Face down band pull aparts 4x15

Bench 285x3x2 sets,315x2,3,3. Drop set 275x6, 225x15, 135 tempo sets 5sec down, 5 sec hold on chest. 5 x3 sets

Sand dune fist push up punches. Matt showed me this at the CSCCa. Good finisher and stabilty/static work 4 rounds with a 30 hold

1/3 mile with the plow strap for the sled to finish.  Still pretty neato for work but brutal nonetheless with the take that shit to the road lap.


Tim tam activations

1 lap prowler. Full 1/3 mile this time. Quite alot of suck ass on this


Activations with tim tam before and after but mostly after

Planks and curl ups 4 rounds each

Reverse hypers 4 pre and 2 post

Box squat with cambered bar. Did alot of sets at each way working  up to 4 chain  and a whooping 3.5 plates on the cambered bar with the first rep getting the jiggles on my left side so shut it down.  Hips were cranking the whole time. As I reflect I think all the get ups on Friday pissed it off.  Usual, not slowing me up just throttling down a tad.

Mad hip aside still did 3 laps with the regular belt drag.


Lots of activations with Tim Tam and boomstick and BT work

It was inside KB day so I started with arm bars for 3 rounds

Then onto  shoe get ups with half get ups first, then bridge a round and then finally full get ups with the fist/shoe.  I really wanted to open up everything hip/shoulder etc.  Ended up with 35lb for 5 rounds a side non-stop-6 minutes and some change.

Then double swings and double snatches for 10 rounds each on the sand dune. Do a set of each then walk it off for about 15 to 20 seconds. 18 minutes and some change

Then wanted to see if could do the snatch test around 5 minutes.  Got 30 on left and 40 on the right in 330 ish when my neck said you will stop right now good sir as I got a huge brain freeze on the right side. After some tim tam and boomstick work I finished the last 30 reps without a seizure.  Worked the trap and all head activation points post this loosen it up.  Still about 5 mins and some change

No sled work after this. But always in passing, I did alittle bit too much KB work.



Activations with tim tam, boomstick and BT roller

3 laps regular drag

7/4 Other work

Reverse Hypers 6x12

Trap bar deads 4platesx3x3,4.5 platesx3x3, 5platesx3

Tsunami bar wide stance 4x15

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