This has been an insane week.  We are so busy at The Spot Athletics that it is hard to even get sleep.  I averaged 4-5hrs per night this week and come Thursday, I was spent. I worked 5am - 9pm on Monday and Tuesday. Then on Wednesday I got done at 6pm but went to watch 3 of our athletes compete in wrestling. 2 pinned their kids and one received a forfeit.  I got home Wednesday at 8:30pm. I was supposed to rack pull heavy on Thursday but I was still sore from Monday and was exhausted. Instead I saved it for today.

I wanted to put a video up of what we do at The Spot Athletics on a daily basis. This video was from 9am today. At that time of day I am working with Vitor Oliveira, one of the best Black Belt Jiu Jitsu athletes in the world. My coach, Bryan,  was working with a small group and Matt was coaching Met Con while having a potential new coach also coach the class.

We have a long process for our new coaches which includes a formal interview, lifting with the staff and coaching a Met Con class with our director of Personal training, Matt Barnauskas or Nic Bronkall, our director of Strength & Conditioning.

Today we had 3 people in the small group and 14 or 15 people in our Met Con class.

So here is a glimpse of what life is like at The Spot Athletics:

I trained today but I worked up to 550 and 200lbs of chain on a 3 pin pull and I felt a tweak in my glute. This was extremely light and I had my heart set on 700+200lb of chains. I really wanted to feel 900lbs in my hands again but I knew I was done when I felt something in my glute. We will see tomorrow how it feels and I will judge what happened. I may have just tweaked a nerve as I was still sore and tight from squatting on Monday. When I wake up tomorrow I will know for sure what I did.