Training in the Fitness Industry: The Right Way & the Wrong Way


Most actions can't really be classified as right or wrong. Things that happen really aren't good or bad. They are usually good an bad. Most decisions have both negative repercussions and positive outcomes. Most of the decision on which is up to perception. Sifting through whose perceptions are closer to yours is a huge step in the process.

All I can talk about is my perceptions and my opinions. I have strong opinions about multiple factors involving the field of strength & conditioning. Today, I would like to talk about the "Right" way (according to me) and the "Wrong" way.

Now I don't expect people to listen to me and most young wannabe coaches will do what they feel is the right thing. Trouble is, the younger you are, the less experience you have to draw from when it comes to right and wrong.

My expectations of the outcome of this "plea" to young coaches is pretty low. For example, I have asked for the following phrases and hashtags to be eliminated from the internet... to no avail.

1. #gainz
2. #macros
3. #boom
4. #beastmode
5. #dat_____doe
6. #dem_____doe
7. #sorrynotsorry

and finally, thank you for setting the female gender back 30 years just in time for my wife and I to raise 2 daughters....

#8. Bitches be like...

People are still typing this shit.

Preface from the Fitness Industry
All companies in this industry witnes a multitude of sponsored athletes go their own way. There are so many "mini fitness celebrities" who no one would have heard of if it weren't for certain companies who gave them a shot. Few actually help the organization become the company grow. This mutual relationship is good for both parties and it is understandable when these individuals want to do their own thing. The departure is usually either very respectable and supporting or.... well, not that. And it doesn't have to be. There is never a need to burn bridges over t-shirts or eBooks.

When it comes to young strength coaches, they often are influences by the fitness celebrities and not the coaches who gave them an opportunity to be a coach in the first place.

I have the opportunity to interview and bring on (with permission) various interns here at elitefts. I have built an extensive internship program at the college level previously as well.

I am seeing a troubling trend with young coaches today.

The right way
A young man is starting this week with us (and is interning with John Meadows as well) and fits with a few others who have applied. He has worked and saved up enough money to afford housing to do an internship. Basically, he is paying money to work for free. I am not saying everyone needs to do this. Nor, am I saying that everyone is in a position to do a free internship. The point is, there are less and less young people willing to work extra, earn money to travel, and learn from some of the best in the business. I remember working for months without getting paid. I used to travel to visit with coaches and spend my own money to do so. I remember sleeping on Chris Doyle's couch just to watch the University of Iowa football team train.
But, what usually happens is this...

The Wrong Way
Instead of trying to learn as much as you can, enjoying the process, and staying humble; do this instead.

1. Decide first off, that you already know enough to train anyone to accomplish anything.
2. Create your own blog and make sure to criticize how everyone else trains. This will make you seem smarter.
3. Jump on any controversial topic that hits your newsfeed. Don't worry about which side is closer to your own views. take the side where there are more hot chicks and the side that will get you more shares.
4. Start your own YouTube Page where you can upload videos of your one client being awesome.
5. For every client you have, be sure to hijack any post they have and make sure everyone knows that your client wouldn't be shit without you. Which is 100% true. You practically lifted the weight for them
6. Take pictures of your food and yourself because everyone around you is fat and lazy and they should want to be more like you.
7. Compete once, realize you have this figured out and offer your services to prepare others for the stage, as long as they pay you.
8. Ladies: Share ridiculous Memes with phrases stating how dedicated you are and how you are going to show all your haters (although you can't name one) who the fuck you are by taking pictures of your self all sweaty and gross.

So there you have it
Why work so hard and dedicate so much to learning from the people you respect and gaining valuable experience while helping others reach their goals?

You can just start a blog, create a YouTube page, pretend you're and expert and judge everyone trying to make a difference in their lives harshly. Because they deserve to be judged by you. You earned it. You don't need a degree or certification or experience or a conscience to tell others they're wrong and weak and stupid. Your Facebook statuses proves that.


Tire Flip & Jump Combo
450lbs Tire - 2 flips/ 2 jumps x 3 sets
* This is my favorite tire and I am glad he found a home in Nork, Ohya. First time doing flips since Pittsburgh's Strongest Man last May.

Tire Broad Jump
This has to be a world record of some sort. If there has been a farther jump on a higher tire; I would like to see it.

Military Press Drop Set
225 Miss x3
* Something is just shutting off once I get over my head. Not sure but I may need to incorporate some band work.
Drop Set
* only 50 pounds under my max, good times.

Trap Bar Deadlift Clusters
435 (75%) for 8 singles w/ 45 sec RI
*These were too slow to be called speed work and to embarrassingly light to be work sets.

Did some instructional videos with Nick so people can Troll my lack of Gainz. Good times.

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