Today was Memorial Day. I decided to take the day off work and stay home. What that really meant is that my wife wanted me to have a cookout for the in-laws.

I woke up at 6am and started on some programming and then set a goal of going through all my emails. I started the day with 10 pages and ended the day with one page left. I feel really good about the progress I made today.  Even though it literally took all day.

At 11am I left the house and went to train legs. I trained at a friends place so I could get in and out without getting bogged down by any work. I had to be home by 1pm to man the grill.

I started training at 11:30am. I did a dynamic warm up that included pushing and walking backwards with the Prowler. I did some stretching and then I started my workout:

Leg curls w/mobility drills - 4x10 ea leg

Leg extensions w/hanging leg raise - 4x10ea

Split Squats - 4x8ea leg

Squats w/buffalo bar and seated calf raise - 4x8 & 4x10ea leg

I had to leave as I was already running a little over. I finished a little before 1pm and of coarse was late getting home. But I am always late so my wife saw that coming.