Training (the rest of Week 2)

Tuesday (Monday was way busier than anticipated)

  • FBB Bench: 3x3@175
  • FBB Press: 5x4@85
  • Hammer Row: 25/15/10 w/3 plates
  • BB Shrugs: 3x15
  • CS Lateral Raises: 3x15

The 175 felt heavy, but I think it's going to be a good jump.  I may end up repeating this cycle if I don't get 175x10 in a few weeks, but I don't mind just getting in some good work with this weight.

The Press is still feeling surprisingly good.  I'm going to ride that out and see what happens.


  • Trap Bar: 3x3@320
  • Pull-ups: 10x5 supersetted with:
  • Rear Delts: 3x0
  • DB Upright ROw: 3x10
  • Pushdowns: 3x20

Friday (at my buddy's gym because we had a snow day)

School was cancelled so I took my assistants to my buddy's gym for a change of scenery.

  • FBB Incline: 2x3@130/140x3
  • FBB Press: 5x3@85
  • Pull-ups: 5x5
  • KB Row: 5x10
  • Curls/Pushdowns: 25/15/10 each

As I've mentioned, I'm still trying to iron out the details of my training.  I KNOW I feel best when I keep my lower body work on my Squat/Deadlift days.  That would be the smart choice.  I still have doing a squat/hinge/push/pull each workout in my head (although that's not what I did this week).

Regardless, my training is going pretty well.  I think my goals in my head aren't totally clear so I'm probably going to spend some time this weekend nailing them down and then adjusting accordingly.

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