Training Week 1 - Press

Little hiatus from posting my own training.  I've been in Training ADD land for about 8 weeks.  I just couldn't seem to settle into anything that was really worth documenting.  I tried a bunch of different ideas.  As usual, I settled back into what I know and what I enjoy doing.

Odd parallel, I did the same thing with my athlete's training.  I didn't change their plan, but I explored a whole bunch of ideas for their summer programs.  Like my own training... and John Rambo... it all came full circle.  Back to what I know works and has proven to work.

Sunday - Press

  • FBB Press: 65x5/75x3/85x3/95x7 PR!/105x3/115x1
  • Bench FSL: 5x5 w/135
  • BB Row: 5x10 w/135
  • RDL: 3x10 w/135
  • DB Squat: 50x10/75x10

I finished with Neck and Traps.

I was getting bored being in the house all weekend so around 5 I got the idea that I would get tomorrow's lift in today.  It was a good one.  The weight room was all mine.

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