Training - Week 2 (80%)

Monday - Squat

  • SSB Box Squat: 220x3/240x3/260x5/280x3/300x1
  • FBB Press: 3x10@85, 65 - 13/5/5 (Rest Pause)
  • KB Row: 3x10, 15/10/10 (Rest Pause)
  • SSB March: 2x50 steps
  • Neck: 2x15

The 260 was my top set for the day.  Felt really good and that's why I worked up a bit.  The 300 felt better than "heavy" weight has felt in a long time.

Wednesday - Bench

  • FBB Bench: 145x3/160x3/175x5
  • Metabolic Circuit
  • Push-ups: 5x10
  • KB Row: 5x10
  • BB Shrugs: 5x10

I finished with some Hanging Leg Raises, Curls and Pushdowns.  My neck was all jacked up from Monday's Neck Harness work.

Friday - Deadlift

  • Trap Bar: 230x3/250x3/280x3/300x5
  • Metabolic Circuit
  • FBB Incline (1): 95/105/115/125/135x10
  • KB ROw: 5x10
  • Trap Bar RDL/Shrug: 5x10

My assistant's wife made the staff lunch so I cut the workout short after the circuit.

Good week of training.  I just need tp get back on a better walking schedule.  I've been a little lazy and the rain has been pretty bad so I've found excuses not to get my walks in.

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