Training - Week 4 - Moderate

Monday - Press

  • FBB Press: 75x3/85x3/3x3@95
  • Cambered FBB Bench: 5x5@95 (too light - I was playing with this to see if it was a possible exercise option in the future)
  • Chest-supported DB Row: 5x10
  • Circuit
  • Reverse Lunge (BWT: 2x15 each
  • Band Good Mornings: 2x10
  • DB Shrug: 2x15
  • DB Curl: 2x15

Pretty good day.  As I'm looking at my training log I was able to see my lack of focus in training.  It becomes more evident to me as I go through the rest of this week.

Wednesday - Deadlift

  • Trap Bar: 255x3/285x3/315x6 (all sets done from dead stop with 5 second hold at the top - this SUCKS!)
  • Metabolic Circuit
  • FBB Incline (2): 5x10@105
  • Pull-ups: 5x5
  • Trap Bar Shrugs: 5x10

Finished with Curls and Pushdowns

Friday - Bench

  • FBB Bench: 135x5/150x5/165x6/150x10
  • Metabolic Circuit
  • FBB Press: 60x10/70x10/3x10@80
  • Chest-supported DB Row: 5x10
  • DB Squat/Band Good Mornings: 2x10 each

Finished with Curls and Pushdowns.

I haven't been very focused with training lately.  I'm certain it's because of the lockdown and the screwed up schedule.  I shouldn't complain - at least I get to train.

So, over the next few workouts I'm going to experiment with some things and see what I gravitate towards.  As I look back at my log I haven't really been very focused since before winter break.  There were periods of focus, but as a whole, I've been very distracted.

I'm hoping that experimenting with some ideas will get me going again.  We shall see.

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