Training - Week 5 (Light)

New, possibly stupid experiment.  Week 1 - solid.  I feel really good.  We'll see if I can hold it together.

Monday - Squat

  • SSB Box Squat: 225x5/245x5/265x10
  • Metabolic Circuit
  • FBB Press: 65x10/75x10/3x10@85
  • Pull-ups: 5x5
  • Hammer Row: 5x10

You guessed it... Traps and arms.

Wednesday - Bench

  • FBB Bench: 115x5/135x5/150x11
  • Circuit 1
  • FBB FSL: 5x5@115 (paused)
  • Pull-ups: 5x5
  • Circuit 2
  • Pushups: 3x10
  • Fat Mans: 3x10

Yup... Traps and arms.

Friday - Deadlift

  • Trap Bar: 230x5/255x5/280x10 (dead stop/3 second hold at top)
  • Metabolic Circuit
  • FBB Incline (1): 95x10/115x10/3x10@135 (first time I've been able to do 135 for 3x10)
  • Hammer ROw: 5x10
  • Kirk Rows: 5x10

Friday was the first time I've "trained" in a while.  From stretch/warm-up to my last set took me 45 minutes.  This is how they all need to be.

I shut it down because things went so well.

As I mentioned earlier, things went well this week and I feel good.

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