Training - Week 6 - Moderate

Week 6 was a pretty good one, despite my Monday blunder of taking Benedryl in the morning.  Allergies were horrible so without thinking, I popped a Benedryl before I left for work.  Sitting at my desk... fine.  As soon as I started working out my body just felt sluggish.  I know better than to take allergy meds during the day.

Monday - Squat (Moderate)

  • SSB Box Squat: 225x3/245x3/265x3/285x7
  • Metabolic Circuit
  • FBB Press: 70x10/80x10/90x10/90x7/90x5
  • KB Row: 5x10
  • DB Kirk Rows: 5x15

I called it a day after this.  I was dragging and was just happy I got in the important stuff.

Wednesday - Bench (Moderate)

  • FBB Bench: 135x3/150x3/165x10 PR!
  • FSL: 5x5@135 (2-3 second pause on chest)
  • KB Row: 5x10

Finished up with DB Hammer Curls and Neck.

Friday - Deadlift (Moderate)

  • Trap Bar: 260x3/280x3/300x10 (dead stop/hold at the top)
  • Hypertrophy Circuit
  • FBB Incline (2): 3x10@125
  • KB Row: 3x10
  • Kirk Rows: 3x15

Finished up with FBB Curls and Band Pushdowns.

Pretty good week.  My body is adapting to Squatting and Deadlifting in the same week.  I may lower my numbers a bit so I can keep this up.

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