After an almost 2-year stint of either avoiding covid completely, or having covid and not knowing it, I had to look death in the face over the holidays. It started to get ugly. I was forced to watch movies on Netflix that I had absolutely no interest in watching. I had no choice, though, because there is almost nothing else to do when you are quarantined.

Luckily for me, I was in Milwaukee to visit my kids. After exposing them, I figured I might as well stay for the week and spend Christmas. I secretly believe that my wife bottled up someone's covid spit and put it in my protein drink so that we would be stuck there for the holidays.

We made the trip a week before Christmas to see one of our daughters graduate from college--you know, the only non-retarded child we have. After arriving in Milwaukee, we needed covid tests to be allowed into the graduation the following day. I would have gotten the test before leaving, but South Florida had lines around the block, and not an available appointment for almost a week. Testing in Milwaukee was a breeze--no lines and in-and-out in 10 minutes. An hour later I was enjoying our daughter's gender-reveal party (it's a thing with this younger generation), and I received the email. I assumed that the results were wrong because I felt great, but I had to let everyone at the party know that I just exposed them and their extended families to heaven or hell. I tested 2 more times the following day and they were all positive.

I had no symptoms--NONE--and felt great. I had just trained the night before and had a great session. I figured I might go to the gym and train in Milwaukee but didn't want to expose anyone. Instead, the couch was my companion for the next 9 days as we decided that if I was going to do nothing, I might as well do nothing with the kids until Christmas.

It wasn't until I arrived home the next week that I experienced the only symptom during the entire time I had covid. I had zero fatigue during the day, no cough, no fever, no loss of appetite or smell or taste, but I did have one small issue: when I fell asleep at night, I did not want to get up. I would sleep for 10 hours every night. When I got up, I felt awesome. When I went to sleep, I slept like a hibernating bear.

My training was great; I felt strong; I had great pumps and muscle contractions; I had a normal appetite. I just did not want to get up once I fell asleep. By the end of the week, I was so tired I didn't want to train. After not training for a couple of days, I wasn't tired anymore. I started the following week training again and the same thing happened. By the end of the week, I was tired again.

That's it. That's my covid story. The following week (this last week), I went to the gym and everything was great. I had no sleep issues; I had no problem late in the week; I was 100% back to normal. However, the point of this entire coach log isn't that covid ruined a few workouts, but how I felt psychologically.

In 2 years I had not given covid as much thought as I did when I tested and knew I had it. I found myself anxious and wondered if in 12 hours I was going to be in the hospital with a tube in my throat, face-timing my family 3 minutes before I died. On the one hand, I felt fine and I considered myself healthy for 51-years old. On the other hand, people go from feeling great to being in the hospital the following day. I HAD to watch Netflix so that I didn't worry myself to the point of being sick.

In the end, I wouldn't even had known that I had covid had I not needed to be tested to get into a college graduation. I likely would have trained through it--much like I probably did once or twice over the last two years. I had to wonder how many people on the plane had covid and didn't know it. Then it hit me that I am so fucking sick of hearing about covid that if I were you I wouldn't even have read this coach log. I think we are ALL sick of hearing it, dealing with it, and we all just want to move on. So, I'm moving on. Carry on.

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