15 mins stepmill

Activations and ab work

10 min bodytempering guts with 120lb


15 mins stepmill

Activations- Did normal activations and then added more using the largest bands for lats, ribs, tricep

10 mins BT guts with 150lb. This was giant ass suck. Very umcomfortable this time. Survived but not fun

Floor press with duffalo and chains 3x5

3 laps upperbody sled.



Prowler 2 laps.  GD half of the front peg fell off on lap1, I thought i just hit one of the usual bumps on the track so totally missed half the front peg foot coming off(We have rewelded the feet 3 or 4 times now. This pad was a inch thick and welded in two pieces on each foot) It did not seem to be harder at thetime but on the second lap I came around and said WTF is that and then realized it was the back half of the front foot.  Picked it up and threw it on the weight stack and mushed on.  THen all of sudden it seemed alot harder. Checking for gouge marks on the pavement, I found there was none. Not that it would stop me but curious like most to see damage.


15 mins of stepmill

Activations with plank work

REverse hypers severalx12

6/15 and 6/16

Did alittle Am work before  heading off to the APF Nationals for the wifey lifting on Friday.  It wasn't a fab day for lifting wise but she survived the day with a 3 for 9 effort. I told her that she was trying to pull a me from the old days where I often went 3 or 4 for 9. All and all she still had a decent day.  We haven't quite figured out the best way for her to make weight cut yet.  I assumed with a better water load this time and her only being 3 or 4 lbs away the day before it would be a easier time. Normally you drop at least 2 to 3lb the night before weigh ins. Well not this time, only a pound.  Dale suited her up in a sweat shirt and hoodie and my long pants for the 5 hour ride to Jaxy.  These as most of you know are not the pleasant trips when you are trying to make weight.  She got no AC on her side the entire trip. She drove a bit but faded as we drove. I took over and she quietly laid in the seat with the hoodie on. Normally it is non stop talking from her but silence and uphappiness filled the cab.   I had her check a scale about 2/3 of the trip in and it seemed she was dropping as she weighed as much as when we started only with all the clothing on so we were thinking it was heading in the righty direct.   As soon as we got there, she ran off while I checked in and I crossed me fings. It wasnt enough. Still a half pound off.  She was pretty much ready to say F it. I suggested a hot shower as she was really close.  This is the low point when you are close but not there and you believe as your brain is screaming that you can't make another second of this shit.  She reluctantly strides off to the room. I arrive about 20 mins later and shower is done and by a miracle #2 shows up. Normally you aint getting anything out at this time but I guess the small wishes helped. We get her weighed in on the dot.  Eating, drinking and happiness arrive. A few beers later and some good pizza plus hangin with my brother from another mother-Murph and Jane Super Granny it is off to bed. Normally I get reeled into more drinking alot more but I weaseled my way out and took a slight beatin' for it but I hate hangin a massive hang over and trying to coach the next day. My vage is getting larger as I age.   We still had a good time and I paid him back the next day with some Activations that helped his hip alot. He had been doing some RPR but they weren't diggin' in like I do.  About 10 mins later he was a spry fellow again although very sedated for Murph for a brief period.  Got to see lots of the old friends as well all day.

The wife survived the meet and Jane Super Gran did not.  Not a stellar day for anyone, but what else afterwards but to have a couple of drinks and some second breakfast. The meet ended early so we ate in the hotel.  A couple of beers into it, the Hoff appears and goe off by himself accross the room. A bit later he pulls up a seat at the table and launches into the WPO coming back and  lots of other tales.  As a old timer WPO lifter, I am really pleased to hear all the news , who is behind it, where it is going on and where they are taking it again. This is great news. I know most either loved or hated it but no one denies its impact on big lifting and powerlifting in general. It was awesome for the sport and the league made everyone work harder and try harder not only to get there but also to prove themselves in their venue. It helped give a large push to all of the great raw and geared lifting that has happened over the past few years.  So listening to the HOFF who is already way above and beyond what most of us did talk passionately about the WPO  coming back was exciting and alot of fun.  He is on his own planet by the way and is a cooky personality but that is what makes powerlifting what it is.   Gonna be a fun 2018!