I'm toying around with some heavier weights on this.  I really need to see my doc's and get an update on how everything has healed.  I keep putting it off because I roll with the thought of, "if I don't know what's wrong then nothing is wrong."  Probably not the wisest plan given it's my heart.

Today's lift went like this:

  • Trap Bar: 225x5/250x5/275x5
  • FSL: 5x5@225
  • Dips: 5x5 w/25lbs
  • DB Row: 5x10 w/75's

The Trap Bar weights feel really light and fast (as they should).  The weighted Dips felt good, but the first rep of every set sent my sternum popping and cracking.  No pain, just weird feeling.  No residual pain.  I'm guessing it's just some scar tissue breaking up around the metal wires they used to put me back together.

I have to check, but I think I have one more workout (or it's one more week) on this cycle.  I'll get back to posting my daily workouts for those who care to follow.  I'll try to do a better job of listing them so you'll be able to see the progression.