I'll get to how awesome I am in a moment. First, I want to make sure that I address all of the people who are resentful because they haven't made shit for progress in the last 2 months, and want to post their butt-hurt responses in the comment section of my Coach Logs.

It's important to note that the person who writes the article or coach log is the person who approves or trashes the comments that are written.  I know this seems basic, but so many people are clueless about this.  I read all comments but, I don't approve troll posts -- though I do appreciate the entertainment, insecurity, resentment, and made-up or anonymous names used when responding as a troll. 

I have worked on the internet for almost 20 years. I own a bodybuilding message board that was one of the most popular in the industry about 10 years ago. I also have written for EliteFTS for 7 years and have dealt with either delusional or miserable people for a long time. I also have done a podcast for about 5 years. It's nothing new, really. What IS new, is how many people have apparently been bored while quarantined because there is an obvious spike in whiny, subtly covert, negative comments and flat-out "poor me" responses, lately. 

I can't help it if you haven't been able to train. I can't help it if you are fat, out of shape or small, but because your mom and your best friend tell you that you are huge, you think you are.  I'm just over here doing what I am paid to do and that is to inform people about what I'm doing, how I'm doing it and provide a little entertainment whenever possible.

I have been doing what I do for a very long time and dealing with trolls just as long. I know full well that people who troll, have less than average physiques, less than average knowledge about nutrition, training, supplements and, in general, less knowledge about almost everything related to the topics that the people getting trolled are discussing. 

Here are some examples of a typical troll:

Claim to be 240 pounds with abs and then when they show up to a show that is out of their league, they claim to be shredded but are still out of shape at 190 pounds. They then blame this on the last week before the show. 

A 22-year-old kid on IG who when confronted about his snarky response, claims to be "bigger than you" while his pictures show that he vaguely resembles someone who has worked out for 6 months. However, he does have "wide clavicles" and that leaves room for a comment about my "narrow clavicles" even though if you put both physiques side-by-side, he loses even if his mom is on the judging panel. 

A fat, middle-aged guy who hasn't taken any initiative to find resources to be able to train, instead using the excuse and stress of quarantine to sit on his couch eating Cheetos and drinking beer or Mountain Dew, and turning into a fat slob.

These are people who love to take shots at someone who is "getting ripped in quarantine." I'm only slightly above average as far as my physique is concerned. However, I have never once been someone who lies, embellishes or misleads anyone when it comes to my potential, what I look like or what I know.

It's quite easy to anonymously post something shitty. It's a lot harder to actually accomplish something so that you don't feel so resentful of other people who do what you cannot do or who have done what you have not done. 

Keep the comments coming because it means that you are reading the information that I put out. I'm a big boy; I can handle the shitty comments because I understand the motivation behind the comments. 

In the meantime, I'm going to be over hear Skiploading, not doing any cardio, and getting leaner than you without a ton of effort. If you are convinced that you are that much better than I am, we can always stand on stage next to each other and find out. I always appreciate good competition, but I doubt I will ever get it from a troll. And, again, I'm only slightly better than average, so if I beat you, that is going to hurt your ego a tad.

ADD: And I am waiting patiently to start posting more pics and training videos, but I can't do that right now. Our gyms are still shut down. Of course, that could be another bone of contention because, of course, I am connected, so I have an AWESOME gym to train in and haven't missed a workout during this entire pandemic. If that bothers you, I secretly enjoy that it does. People who want to get shit done, get shit done. People who find excuses, complain and whine about those who get shit done. 

I almost forgot:
I baselined at 208.5 before Skiploading all day yesterday. 
I am leaner at this weight than I have ever been.

My strength is through the roof and better than it was at 235.
I am injury-free and I feel great.

Hugs and kisses 


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