My son gives me about 10 heart attacks per day and I'm pretty sure it is a parent's job to act calm and cool at all times like you didn't just have another heart attack when your child scares you to death. It was raining cats and dogs on Monday and it cleared up just in time for me to pick my son up from school. We played on the concrete area of the playground with the other kids till everyone else went home then I slowly staggered towards the car...

"Pappa, can I go see something with my friend? I will be RIGHT BACK!"

After a billion thoughts went through my mind I said OK. I was sore, beat up, exhausted from chemo and training so it took me a little bit to get to where they were playing. I watched the other boy run across the benches to the other side and my son looked at me and smiled...I knew what he was about to do....

"Pappa, watch this..."


I grabbed his arm and it hit me...
1) The Trophy Husband in me that does the laundry does NOT want him to get his school uniform and shoes wet and muddy
2) The Father in me wants him to go out and have fun even if he gets wet and muddy

I said "Go have fun, but if you fall into the water and get muddy your mom is going to get REALLY angry!" (always pre-blame mom for everything, even when she is innocent).

They had a blast!