So literally all it takes is someone in the gym saying "Hey, you wanna try..." and it becomes a contest. And then between sets one person will say...

"Yeah, that is probably enough on that. Doesn't feel really safe anyway" he loads another plate on each side of the bar.

I should have just let the camera roll as we trained because the conversation between sets really was about how we should stop after that last set. But I really want to pick up the heavier sand bag. Yeah, I do too. But you are right, probably more dangerous than beneficial (as I drag the sandbag over to the rack to use...).

All in all, this is a heck of an exercise especially if you don't have access to any atlas stones. I'm roughly using 40-45% on the bar and we worked up to a 100 lb sandbag as well in hand. I've had clients pull off a solid 5x5 with 45% and 10-15% in a bag or ball.