Static Stretching

McGill Big 3

Push Ups

Recumbent Bike: 20 minutes


We had the first 2 gun match of the season at the South Florida Defensive Carbine Club. I did ok. I finished 8 out of 24. I would have been about 5th, but I had one horrible stage out of five. It was steel with pistol on the move and I was horrid. Just a nightmare. When I got done the timer did the normal "if you are done, show clear". I said, "thank God I am done.....I think". It was bad. The other 4 stages I did well. So, overall it was a good night.

Wednesday we had basketball practice. We really focused on defense. Great session overall. The kids were drained by the end. I got to run around a lot. We had to make some adjustments from game 1. We ended up moving Chris to point. He is the 2nd tallest kid on the team, but our other guards are young and just get the gitters with the ball. Hopefully, we are ready for Saturday's game.