Tutorial: Single Leg Skater Squats

As my show has come and gone, training has changed for me. I'll be honest, I'm not quite sure where I'm headed for the moment, but it's been enjoyable to conjure up some fun workouts and dig out exercises that were stuck in the back of my brain.

This single leg exercise isn't for beginners. Not that you can't give it a try, but truly novice folks will have a hard time getting through a good range of motion simply from a lack of strength.  What you'll see is as the hips start to bend, they will compensate by leaning over, doing more of an RDL, because the glutes and hips are too weak to load.

And that's ok!  Start off with a simpler exercise and progress to this one down the road.


Have something nearby to hold on to.  I'm not worried about balancing in this exercise. I'm more concentrated on the loading pattern.

Keep the entire foot in contact with the ground.  Reach the right hand to left foot and left hand to right foot.

Do not let the hip kick out to the side. This is a very common compensation pattern when the glute medius and hip stabilizers are weak.  Contract the glute and keep that tension the entire way.

Start in a range of motion that you can perform properly. Groove the right movement pattern before progressing lower.



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