Some miscellaneous stuff for this week, so far:


Distention has come on in the last few days and I can't be sure why.  It isn't subtle, either.

Could be from the new supplement plan this time around but that has been going for almost 2 weeks now so I tend to think this isn't the issue (though it could be).


Could be from the keto diet catching up with me after not having a Skipload for almost 3 weeks.  I lean towards this because "exiting" volume isn't as high as usual.  Also, when I Skipload, I am quite regular and move things through the pipes much better than has been happening lately.  I also see this becoming more of an issue the longer I go without Skiploading.  Basically, it has gotten worse in the last 4-5 days were it was not as bad early on but still seemed to be building.


It could also be because of the fat burner run that I just finished up, as well.  I have not had this happen before and this was a good and uneventful (as far as sides) run with the fat burner, but the timing makes me think there could be a relationship.  If this is correct, it should get better as I get closer to the weekend due to stopping the fat burner and it should clear up by next week, anyway, due to Skiploading this Sunday (finally) for the first time in 3 weeks.  No matter what it is (unless it is supplement related), it should be dissipated or dissipating substantially by this time next week.


My body weight was up about 4 pounds over the weekend either due to the supplement changes and/or the fat burner and the mild water retention.  I am back down a couple of pounds now but admit that I have no idea where the weight will end up once water drops and then I have to consider that I am quite flat from not Skiploading for 3 weeks so I should fill out considerably this weekend.  I think by the following weekend I will have a much clearer picture of what I look like visually after the water drops and also a more accurate gauge of where my "true" body weight is.


I did make a small adjustment to my diet today and plan to keep this in place after saying in my last journal entry on my website that I likely would not change my diet for a few weeks, allowing the addition of cardio to take effect, first.  I have reconsidered this due to the distention.  When I say "small adjustments" I am talking about dropping about 20g of fat and about 20g of protein in the form of cutting my cheese intake back just a bit.  I took the calories primarily from the 2 meals where I am the most full after eating and also from the pre-workout meal, as well, because I just added 10g of fat and 10g of protein to the preworkout meal as early as 1.5 weeks ago.  Also, coming off of the fat burner I felt that I could use the small adjustment down in calories, as well.


I discussed either starting cardio next week or the week after but I have decided to start it this next week.  I will not be "blasting" cardio until the following week where I will do 4 weeks of blasting where my cardio is quite high before taking 1-2 weeks of cruising with cardio at a much lower volume.  The reason I am adding it in next week is so that I don't have my legs, hips and lower back freak out on me after not doing cardio for so long and then all of a sudden jumping into double cardio sessions.  I am going to use the next week to kind of break into it slowly by adding 30-minute sessions.


This last 4-day rotation for training before I have Sunday off to Skipload is going to be full of drop sets, rest/pause, etc..  I am basically just trying to destroy muscle groups even more before Skiploading this weekend.  Today went very well and my strength is still hanging in there despite not loading for a few weeks.


I will detail the rest of my supplementation plan in my journal entry in a couple of days on my website.