Two Reasons it May Not be the Coaching

How to impress your friends with your football knowledge
Okay so it is football season and we all want to pretend like we know everything about football. Maybe it's to impress the ladies or to fit in with the alpha males who are still reliving their high school playing days. Regardless of what your motivation is, there a few things you can do while watching football, specifically college football, this weekend that'll make everyone think you've been coaching for a decade. So put on your headset and let's get it.

The distance between the running back in the line of scrimmage
When the quarterback is under center, itis pretty easy look at how deep the running back is. If the tailback is 7-8 yards deep, it usually means it's going to be a run. This is so the running back has time to pick his whole specifically it is zone blocking run scheme. This also helps with timing for the snap under center. If the running back is closer to 6 yards he is probably that tight to the line of scrimmage to assist him on his pass blocking responsibilities. This is a fairly easy way to predict run or pass.

Even in the shotgun with a pistol offense with a running back is directly behind the quarterback even when he's in shotgun formation the same could be true. There are some differences and with the depth of the running back you may be able to predict the specific run you'll see. If the running back is deeper than the quarterback most likely is going to be some kind of interior run specifically zone read, counter, etc.

If the running back is even with the quarterback, then the likelihood of a jet sweep type of play (or read off of it is evident.

The Split of the Receiver
Wide split usually means a slant and narrow split (distance from EMOLOS) usually means some sort of out.

First play after a turnover
Sudden change for a defense usually means the offense is going up top. Watch for play action pass immediately following a turnover.

So last week I watched Ohio State vs Michigan. OSU was heavily favored and honestly could care less about the outcome (don't tell my wife). I just really enjoy watching football.

When watching a game it is necessary for people to put things in perspective. Jack Hatem was really good about that. One thing to think about when you are wondering wahy a team beats another (continually or once) is to do this drill: Ask yourself.

How many Michigan Players would start for Ohio State?
Honestly answer it. In my opinion, maybe two. Funchess on Offense and Jake Ryan on defense. Go through each position and tell me who would start. Not picking on Michigan but people need to be realistic with their expectations. Before blaming coaches, ask if you have the right horses? The team with the better players usually has the better team.

Are you out-coaching yourself?
Here is the next question when you see a team with an advantage over another.

What if you switched coaching staffs on gameday?
Think about it. What if the Michigan Coaches were on the OSU sidelines and visa versa? Would the outcome be any different? It would be hard for me to believe that Urban and his staff would lead the Wolverines to victory. I realize the game was close and Urban staff may be an overall better staff than Brady Hokes'. But, if you really look at that analogy for what it's worth, one thing is evident.

Good players make smart coaches

Overhead Press


NG pull-ups

DB Press
70s x25
ring rows

2 20s
2 30s

SS Yoke Bar Pause Squat

Supersetted with Box Jumps
3 sets of 3

Glute Ham Raise
2 sets of 5

a href="">Log Clean & Press

220 x2 (1 strict. 1 push press)
220 x1

Neutral Grip Pull-Ups
3 doubles with 10lbs

DB Bench Press
1x12 w/ 100s

Ring Rows

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