I pulled 745 from 3'' off the floor at the UGSS. It felt great and not super hard. I used a prototype that Todd Brock has for doing block pulls and it was pretty sweet.

Last week I only trained on Wednesday and Friday.

Wednesday I did 3 board and did 500lbs without a lot of trouble.

Friday - I did el gordo deadlift double overhand and did 425 which is a solid number for me on this lift.

This week:
Monday - Belt squat, GHR, Rev. Hyper, Hanging leg raise

Wednesday - Banded bench w/dbld minis - 315x3,
Pull ups
Rolling DB extension
DB curls

I closed on the house I am in this week. So unless I can get a house bought by the end of next week then I will be moving into The Spot Athletics. Good times. Training is not where it needs to be but sometimes life has to be put before training. I don't think it should happen ofter but right now is one of those times.