This will be my first time posting a vBlog here so hopefully it goes smoothly.




Trained Chest and Side Delts on Tuesday

Trained Back, rear delts, traps and abs tonight (Wednesday)


Staying with either drop sets or supersets this week again.  I liked doing them last week so I will go one more week with them.



3 sets of flat bench with the 2nd and 3rd set being drop sets

Incline dumbbell flyes with the 2nd and 3rd set being a superset to dumbbell presses

Pec Deck or 3 sets with the 2nd and 3rd set being drop sets

Verticle chest press machine for 3 sets


Side Delts

Incline side laterals 2nd and 3rd set were drop sets

Smith machine PBN 2nd and 3rd set were drop sets

Upright dumbbell rows (alternating) 3rd set was a drop set





Assissted chins dropset for all 3 sets

Machine rows supersetted with supported tbar rows for 3 supersets

Iso Hammer low row (alternating) for 3 sets

Narrow latt pulls supersetted with long pulley rows for 3 supersets

2 sets of dumbbell pullovers on a flat bench


Rear Delts

4 sets of machine flyes



I haven't done a shrug in about 8 years or so.  Tried them tonight for 3 sets to see how they feel.



4 sets of machine crunches

3 sets of bent knee raises while hanging

4 sets of rope crunches


I am running long between Chiro appointments so I have to try to get there Thursday or Friday so that I don't have any problems.  I always get anxious when I run long between these adjustments.