Today is Tuesday. Gyms are still closed here and I'm really not sure what the rules are or how much longer that they will remain closed. I do know that there are gyms that are open because people are posting photos of themselves training at underground locations on Instagram.

Being Tuesday, I've had SIX people contact me so far this week asking if they can come and train with me.

I can pretty much say that the answer to that is a big NO. I am going to my gym to train at least once per week but most of my training is done either in my drive way or in my living room. What time? Whatever time I get a chance to train and on whatever day I get a chance. I've deadlifted from 3 in the morning to 4 in the morning and I've done Log Press from 2-3 AM as well. I had a chance to train yesterday so I just immediately put on my shoes and downed a carb drink and began warming up...because I had the chance.

I'm not opening up my home to you. My living room is not open to you. My Training partner does come over and train when he can but I also know that his "life" is actually probably just as slim as mine is. I have almost zero contact with anyone outside of my home, one butcher, one small market, one kiosk, one teacher's assistant. I can't afford to get sick because I have PRs waiting for me! My wife is a teacher and she cannot miss a day (much less weeks, teachers have been sick for 6 weeks on average here once they get COVID). And my youngest cannot take we ain't taking a chance.

But...that isn't the real issue.

Inviting someone into your home is a big step. Means you have to get along with my wife, dog, my cat, and both of my sons. That really REALLY limits the number of people that can come into my home. If you do not get along with any of these people/animals are people too...then it simply cannot happen.

And how much do you have to get along? I can tell you that if you put yourself above my family at any point...then you shouldn't be here. Me training at home right now is part of me giving back to my family and if you can't do that then we can't train together.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words...then this is exactly what I'm talking about.

November 30 2020.Still013

November 30 2020.Still015

November 30 2020.Still016