The sun is breaking out these days and I'm being reminded about how tough Summer is here. In case you were wondering we only get two Seasons in Cyprus...Spring and Beyond Summer. It is too hot in the Summer for anything to fact EVERYTHING dies in Summer from the heat that we have here. All grass, all weeds, all flowers...they won't come back till around December!

This is our February temps...Sun vs Shade: 125 F + VS 72-75 in the shade

Headed off to the gym and clearly my son should have taken two scoops...


SS Yoke Box Squats
308 lbs + front loaded light bands x 3 x 5 sets
Remove Box
308 x 1
308 + 70 chains x 1
308 + 125 chains x 1
352 + bands + 125 chains x 1, PR

SS Yoke GM's
152 + bands x 3 x 3

Deadlifts with short pro light bands
worked up to 617 + bands x 1

Viking Press Strict
60/132 x a lot
100/220 x 4 x 3 sets
140/308 x 2 misses strict

Got him in the gym and even though I was breaking Squat PRs he didn't was LEGO BATMAN!