Monday 30 mins stepmil


Wed Upper

Light upper. the deadlifting on Saturday trashed me pretty good. Neck was jacked till yesterday when I got to the chiro. Sunday night I had a spot in my vision. Don't know if that was from deadlifting or not, but anyhow, having to see a retinal specialist for that as the regular doctor saw some irregularities she did not like. Long story short, light upper

W bar for chest pulls with 3 gripsx10 each 5 rounds

Bench with 3 wide grips x10 each grip. one with 135lb, 2 sets with 185lb

Pushdowns with same W bar with 3 gripsx10 reps per grip x 6 rounds

Curls to face 4x12


Will have to see next week what the doc says about the eye so for now, I will coninue my partly cloudy eye weather forecast till next week.