Making some changes this week especially with the workout schedule.  I am now doing M-F (5 days  straight) with this schedule:




Chest/Back/R delts




Abs/SF delts/Tris/Bis







Abs/Chest/1 exercise S delts/1 exercise Tris




Back/1 exercise/R delts/1 exercise Bis/Traps




Sat and Sun REST DAYS



I am still currently doing double cardio sessions but have bumped the AM fasted session to 45 minutes and the postworkout session is still 30 minutes.


I hate to always talk about my loading but it plays such an integral part in my conditioning that I really have little choice.  Right now, I am loading much longer than just one day and literally stuffing myself and it seems that the more food I load with and the longer the load, the leaner I get.  Last weekend I started loading on Saturday night at 6:30pm, loaded until bedtime at 2am and then was up at 9am and loaded from 10am until almost 2am.  And when I say load, I mean I was uncomfortable most of the day as I was so full.


By Tuesday morning I was only 1 pound above baseline.  I then was down another 5 pounds the following day putting me 3 pounds below baseline at 202.  I have lost no strength and don't seem terribly flat - just dry and grainy.  I anticipate that I might be down closer to 200 by the end of the week.  If I start to lose strength or go too flat, I will cut some cardio back.


Something similar to this happened in 2012 while getting ready for my shows then, too.  I just forced the food and get into what was arguably my best condition ever (though I didn’t carry as much size due to my back injuries).


I am to the point that Skiploading right now sucks.  It is uncomfortable and other than maybe the first meal, it is a huge chore to put down the amount of food that I am putting down.  I almost wish it wasn’t working so that I could cut back but I just can’t because of the correlation between more food during the load and getting leaner and leaner.


I anticipated a small bump in weight after changing my supplementation but that was short lived simply because I am getting leaner faster, now.  I have no idea where I will end up and I still have 10 and 12 weeks before my shows so I will not pin down projected weights other than to say I will stop when I am in the condition I want to be in.


 The question becomes:  do I lengthen the Skipload time yet again?  Keep it the same?  It definitely won’t decrease – that is for sure.  The thought of an even longer Skipload time makes me anxious.