OK, so I left the gym on Wednesday telling my wife that we had an electrical problem at the gym. She didn't see what the big deal was and suggested that I just buy a fire extinguisher. Yes, I held my breath for a long time on that one.

Friday rolled around and as she approached the gym she looked at the electrical fuse box like it was filled with deadly snakes. She never got close but began calling the electric company and electricians. Needless to say, we trained with the heater cranked on high and the doors open.


The plan was for me to snatch 105 and clean and jerk 110, squat what I could because I had some back/nerve pain going on.

singles up to 105 kg (not pretty though)

Clean and Jerk
singles up to 110 (not perfect but acceptable)

singles up to 225 kg and played it smart and went home