We're Back (until the powers that be screw it up for everyone)

Sorry for the delay on posting (for anyone that regularly follows).  We started school last week.  I'm sure every strength coach has gone through or is going through the same stuff I am.  The weight room schedule changed 3 times from Saturday to Tuesday last week.  Each sport coach had their own "issues" understanding the rules.  Believe it or not, I'm not bashing them.  The only reason I know them so well is because I'm part of the group that made them.

It seems they are "set", but we expect them to change as the situation is still incredibly fluid.  The good part is that we're seeing our teams twice a week at this point.  As pods (that's what we're calling them) go through the different phases we will be able to start combining them into larger groups with the hope of eventually being able to train the teams as we're used to.  Not sure if this will ever actually happen, but we are training athletes regularly.  I'll take what I can get.

I have documented (I'm not sure how well) what we're doing to get these kids back in shape to train.  I'm pretty sure all of our teams are following the same basic idea.

  • Training 2 days per week
  • Our training "week" is 2 weeks (Week 1: Squat/Bench - Week 2: Trap Bar/Bench)
  • Template is Main Lift/Circuit/Little stuff
  • if we have time

What has worked well?

  • Week 1: Main Lift - 5x3/Circuit - 3 rounds
  • Week 2: Main Lift - 5x4/Circuit - 4 rounds
  • Week 3: Main Lift - 5x5/Circuit - 5 rounds

We're starting our Week 3 with Football and things are progressing very well.  We Squatting Monday and Tuesday and Benching Wednesday and Thursday.  Next week we'll finish the Trap Bar portion and then "test" our Bench to finish the week.  Squat and Trap Bar testing will take place over the following weeks.

It's a very slow process.  I keep catching myself wanting to skip ahead (this is normal in my head), but we're staying the course.  I keep reminding myself that we have time.  At some point our pods will combine and we'll be able to get everyone in 3 days per week.

I don't know how long this will last.  Since I don't make the big decisions I'm just focusing on what I can do right now.  I'll deal with whatever comes down the pike as it presents itself.

I know what you're all really curious about is my own training.  Don't fret.  It's going surprisingly well.  I'm sure I'll get back to posting more frequently as things start to slow down and I get settled in to the new schedule.  Based on last week, it seems I'll have a good chunk of time each day to get in my sessions.  So far, the semester is going pretty well.

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