Who Gets Cookies At The Gym?

I've been sitting here trying to figure out what to discuss in my coach log this week because nothing terribly eventful has happened in the last 7 days.  Then it occurred to me that as much as this seems like a bad thing, it damn sure isn't.  Why?

Gains are BORING.  

Yes, we get excited when we hit PRs and when we get that crazy "off season" pump, but no one gives a shit to hear about it.  What do I say? I feel like Ronnie Coleman while training back until I look in the mirror? I feel like Kai training legs until I realize my dick isn't 4 inches deep in a grapefruit?  Ok, cheap shot at Kai's expense — sorry Kai.  I feel like Phil while training my forearms but when I look in the mirror I don't see a stolen bracelet? That wasn't a cheap shot, by the way. #sorrynotsorry

Though I digress, I think you get my point.  There just isn't much to talk about when everything is going well.  It's just ... #gainzz.  

So, I figured I would talk about more exciting stuff like:

My left supinator is getting better... slow ... ly.  I am skipping biceps this week to not irritate it and it hasn't flared up from training delts or back.  I have been careful to use only exercises that won't irritate it.  


I trained legs tonight at Miami Iron Gym and I freakin' love the place.  I am like a 16-year-old kid who can't wait to get to Gold's Gym in Venice for his first workout every time I go there.  Tonight I get there and I text Gio, the owner, telling him I must have just missed him.  Within 30 minutes he not only has come back to the gym (after 10pm at night on a Thursday) but he brings me 4 very fresh and very warm cookies from Night Owl Cookies.  WTF?? You don't honestly think I would eat these after training legs on a Thursday night when I don't Skipload until Sunday, do you?  I did. 

I would have eaten them all but my wife took one for herself claiming Gio brought them to the gym for HER.  Her defense was that he handed them to her and not me.  *sigh*  She's so selfish sometimes.


Apparently, I cannot stop chewing Copenhapen.   I am publicly admitting that I am a loser with no discipline.  I quit for 14 years, picked it up again about 2 years ago, quit for 6 months until about 2 months ago.  I then picked it up AGAIN for about 2 months, quit again a few weeks ago only to start up again this week.  My problem?  I ENJOY COPENHAGEN.  I just need to enjoy it a handful of times per day instead of non-stop so that my face doesn't fall off.  I have every intention of dying from cancer but whether it is skin cancer, mouth or esophageal cancer or some other cancer like testicular or colon cancer is yet to be determined.

IMG_4351 (1)

For once in my life, I am self-conscious when I train at Miami Iron and I won't take off my sweats to show off my cat tights.  I feel like the place is too hardcore and no one knows my sense of humor so I don't want anyone to think I'm a dipshit.  Ok, I lied; my wife doesn't want me to take off my sweats because I think she is embarrassed by me.  What kind of support is THAT? 26 years of marriage and this is what I get? *sigh*

I only have 4 more weeks of this TRT crap left, so I am just trying to get through it and get SWOLE again.  I did not put up any PRs this week but I did manage to hold my weights and reps from last week so recovery is still great, sleep is better than ever and nothing hurts other than I am being careful with my left supinator to make sure that it is 100% by the time I step back on the gas in 4 weeks after I get back from Jr Nationals.  

My weight is holding at 225-226 but my composition, admittedly, is a little softer.  I don't like it but my wife says I don't look any different to her or anyone else.  That is probably true because I, like most of us, see ourselves through a critical lens.  Still, I know I'm slightly softer and not as full.  I anticipate going straight to about 235 within the first month or so of stepping on the gas, again.  THAT part keeps me going and keeps me motivated right now.

I will be at Jr Nationals with my BFF (Mrs. Skip).  If any of you will be there, please be sure to say hi if you see me.  I won't be signing autographs but I will take a picture with you if you let me hold up 2 fingers so that my arm looks bigger than if I let it hang straight down.  Don't mind my wife, though, she will be drunk and flirting with the 20-something physique guys as if she has a chance. *eye roll*

I hope all of you have a great weekend.  We will be watching the Marlins play less than .300 baseball with our great friends, binge-watching Mad Men and eating BBQ.  We're really cool ... for old people.

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