You ever have one of those weeks where you just think to yourself, "this is probably the most boring my life has ever been"?  I just had one.

I know I'm supposed to talk about working out and nutrition so I will:

Training was fucking boring this week. At the same time, it was productive. I progressed on upper body exercises, had great workouts, and still have a knee that is doing whatever the hell it wants to and I am along for the ride.  There, that's out of the way.

Now, back to my boring life.

Though I have reminders of this on occasion, it was this last week that it really hit me: I don't do anything fun, anymore. I'm not trying to sound negative or "poor me," I'm just saying that I finally have come to understand that my life is incredibly uneventful and I never seem to have anything that I really get excited about or look forward to doing. 

I enjoy training but ... it's training.
I enjoy my work but ... it's work.

I enjoy training my one-on-one clients; in fact, it's probably the best part of my day. Then, I get done with that and it's back to my boring life. And think about it, if training my clients is the most exciting part of my day, doesn't that make clear how boring my days are?

Now, you might think that your weekdays are boring, too. That may be but when it gets to the weekend, I am quite sure that your weekends are more exciting than mine. I get excited that it's almost the weekend. Then it occurs to me that I don't do anything fun on the weekends, either. I work every night on the computer except Sunday nights. Every other Sunday night I do my podcast.  I do not train on the weekend so that part is nice because I get a break from the gym. I don't train clients and I don't train myself on the weekends. The sad part is that this is really the only thing I look forward to, during the week.

I then get to the weekend and if it's sunny I go out in the sun for a couple hours. I then can sit around and do nothing the rest of the night. On occasion my wife and I will go out on a Saturday night. We used to do really fun stuff but for whatever reason our Saturday nights are now lame and I would rather just sit on my ass watching Netflix, knowing I don't have to be doing anything or be anywhere. Yes, it's relaxing but it's also boring.

On Sundays, I do enjoy getting brunch or going out for dinner. So, there's the most exciting thing that happens in my week. If I have to do the podcast, I have about 4 hours on a Sunday to do something between when I get up and when I have to do the podcast. The only thing to look forward to after the podcast is watching Neflix again. 

This really is what my life has come to for the last few years and it's really starting to get to me. Either that or this is what people do when they get old.  Maybe, it's just because I'm dealing with an injury and I'm being negative. That sounds better than admitting that my life is lame as hell. I'll go with the injury option.


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