read that correctly. I'm getting back on The Field!

A couple of weeks ago I saw a photo posted online about a Strongman Contest here in Cyprus at the biggest sports festival in Cyprus. Some people that I know are hosting it and I contacted them and signed up to compete! To be honest, I wouldn't normally be excited to get back on The Strongman Field locally here in Cyprus BUT I was given an invitation to World's Strongest Man - Masters 2017 in North Carolina USA for December 2017!

Knowing that NO MATTER WHAT I will never be ready for "My First Show Back" in 8 years...I'd better make as many mistakes as possible and experience all of The Comeback Jitters at a local show before I step onto a huge stage. Aphrodite's Games is a GREAT place to do just that!

The promoter has told me that the events will not be WSM heavy but they will be much heavier than what you'd see at a CrossFit competition. This is good since I'll be the oldest athlete there with the most miles on his joints and running chemotherapy medication still. I don't need to have an injury, I just need to get on the field.

The Events:
Super Yoke
Car Deadlift
Log Press
Power Stairs


I don't know the weights, the distances, the exact implements, nothing...but it really shouldn't matter. I'm going to train to simply be BETTER and let everything fall where it falls.

It is absolutely amazing that when I moved here to Cyprus in 2004 some of my fellow competitors were in Elementary School. I'm also amazed at the fact that in 2004 (or even in 2014) NOBODY wanted to train in Strongman and now there is such an interest that there is a full Strongman Contest. I can't wait to hang out with my fellow competitors! People with like minds!

As far as getting ready for WSM-Masters in December. That is just absolutely insane. I have no idea how I stand a chance but to look back at where I've come from, the journey of chemotherapy I've travel through for the last 3 years, and to have the opportunity to step on stage at WSM in the same year... Well...if I beat anyone in a single event then they better be prepared to hear about it for The Rest of My Life!

I'm turning up the heat in won't want to miss anything.