So how should you train the week after a meet? Honestly, you should train about the same the week after the meet as you did the week before the meet.

1) If you are so beat up that you have to take meet week off completely then you probably need to take the week off as well. Either you are really unconditioned or the show was so hard and heavy that you needed it. If you needed the rest before the show, you need the rest after unless you plan on getting injured soon.

2) If you are in good shape and the training didn't beat you up and break you down and you did your speed work the week before the meet, do the same thing the week after with the same doggone weight! For most people I'll accept around the 35% range just to loosen up the body.

So Wednesday I walk back in the gym door. I'm still bleeding in random spaces from Anemia.

Box Squats against heavy bands
242 + Heavy Bands x 2 x 5 sets, easy fast work

Chain Suspended GM's:
I'm looking for a height that will benefit me the most. I've always set these up to improve my deadlift but the events that scare me the most are the car deadlift and the 1,000 lb Super Yoke so I brought that bar height up just to feel things out.

I tested some Isometric Deadlifts but I think that this might be too much work for my lower body in one day, especially if I plan on doing any conditioning work at the end.

Bench Press
145 + mini bands (90 lbs) x 12 x 4 sets

Incline Log Press against micro bands
Played around with 5-6 sets to get an idea that I need more band tension, but not much

Training September 29 2017.Movie_Snapshot

Friday was Weightlifting Friday. I've decided that I need to snatch light just for mobility work but I have no business pushing Snatch or Cleans. On top of that, both lifts make my deadlift go down FAST. I do need some conditioning work, squats to warm up, and I need to build my front squat FAST.

played around with some pause squats just to try and open up my hips and back.

lots of doubles till I hit 70 kg, felt horrible, stopped

Front Squat:
I worked up to 242 lbs and then began adding chains. This is just to get an idea of where to go next week (higher and harder).

Sunday rolls around and we get a big crew! I'm not sure if these guys are showing up because they are helping me, wanting to kill me, or if they are plotting our their plan to beat me next year but they are here!

Sled Drag: a couple runs forward and back to get warm

Conan's Wheel: I just warmed up and moved on. This event beats me up but is great for hamstring conditioning. An event I need to be doing once every 2 weeks mid-week.

Training October 1 2017 (13).Movie_Snapshot

Medley: Farmers / Atlas Stone / Sand Bag
165 Farmers x 50 ft, 190 lb Atlas Stone x 50 ft, 220 lb sandbag x 50 ft
We decided to add weight to the Atlas Stone and go to the 230 lb stone but it got mixed up and we used the 265 stone instead
255 farmers down, 265 stone back...then The World began to spin and I nearly passed out, picked up the sandbag and it felt like a feather, finished.
I nearly died but I was the only one in the group to finish the event

Training October 1 2017 (12).Movie_Snapshot

Training October 1 2017 (20).Movie_Snapshot

Atlas Stones
230 x 1
285 x 1
310 x 1 (just feeling these out)

Training October 1 2017 (25).Movie_Snapshot

Tire Deadlift
550 lbs x 3 x 2 sets
6 reps on the 3rd set (might need to stay in my rotation every other week)

Log Press
80 kg x 5 x 2 sets, strict. I'll be adding in on this every week.