Young Coaches Getting New Jobs During the Semester

I know every coach has dealt with this.  I have a GA who has gotten an opportunity to make some real money.  Two weeks into the semester he was offered a job.  He's doubling his salary, getting health benefits and this is a "real" job.  He's no longer a GA or Intern.  He's a real strength coach.

For me, this is great.  Any chance a young coach gets a chance to make some money and actually be in the coaching fraternity/sorority is very cool.  It sucks because now I'm down a coach at the beginning of the semester.  But, it's my job to deal with that and make it work.  It's also my job to kick that GA out the door as soon as possible so he/she can get to their new job and get going.

The point that I'm eventually going to make is to "be where you are" at all times.  Since he got his job, he has been involved, energetic and on top of things here.  I've seen no let down from him at all.  I think this is very important.  Wherever you are you have a responsibility to your boss and those athletes.  Do your job.  Once you sign those papers that say you have a new job then it's time to switch logos and do your job at the new place.

It's really easy to have delusions of grandeur as a coach, especially in your 20's.  Constantly chasing the logo that you think will bring joy and prove that you're good.  Anyone that knows realizes the logo doesn't mean you're a good coach.  I think young coaches and old coaches alike sometimes get caught up in what you want to get to and don't invest your time where you are.  Some great advice I got from my Boss at Rhode Island was, "Treat the job you have like the job you want."  That's no some new saying, but it really hit me when he said it.

Don't get caught up in where you want to be and forget to be caught up in where you are.  Your chance will come.  Do the job you have well until it's time to move on.  Finish what you started and don't start something else too soon.


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