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Comfort Grip Elbow/Shoulder Trainer

Comfort Grip Elbow/Shoulder Trainer
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The Tsunami Bar® Elbow/Shoulder Trainer is a unique training device that provides an unmatched eccentric phase training effect to the flexors and extensors surrounding the elbow utilizing time tested motions such as internal/external rotation and ulnar/radial deviation.  The eccentric training effects to the shoulder are also greatly amplified using this device.  Whether you play baseball (especially pitching), tennis, vollyball or similar sports, the decelerators of the shoulder are difficult to train replicating the stresses they are subjected to under playing conditions.  The flexibility of the patented Tsunami Bar® Elbow/Shoulder Trainer is easily adjusted by moving one's hand up/down the length of the handle to give just right amount of 'flex' needed to provide eccentric phase training effects unlike any other training device available.  CAUTION:  It is recommended that all users seek the advice of a trained professional in th eproper techniques for using the Tsunami Bar® Elbow/Shoulder Trainer.  Excessive or improper exercise may cause physical distress or injury.  As with all exercise programs, check with your physician prior to beginning this or any exercise program.  Neither elitefts.com, Performance Strength Designs, Inc. nor any of its employees or representatives can assume responsibility, negligent or otherwise, for the use of the Tsunami Bar® Elbow/Shoulder Trainer.  If, during use, you notice that the surface of the 1.25" OD handle becomes cracked or cut, the end cap becomes loose, or the 2" long collar at the end of the bar which is glued to the 2" OD shaft becomes loose or unbonded to the surface of the 2" OD shaft, STOP using the bar and notify the manufacturer.

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