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Comfort Grip Elbow/Shoulder Trainer

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Comfort Grip™ Elbow/Shoulder Trainer

Keep your elbow and shoulders healthy!

  • Train the eccentric phase
  • Replicate sport stresses in a controlled manner
  • Unlike any other training device available

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Comfort Grip™ Elbow/Shoulder Trainer

The Tsunami Bar® Elbow/Shoulder Trainer is a unique training device that provides an unmatched eccentric phase training effect to the flexors and extensors surrounding the elbow utilizing time-tested motions as internal/external rotation and ulnar/radial deviation.  The eccentric training effects on the shoulder are also greatly amplified using this device.   

Whether you play baseball (especially pitching), tennis, volleyball, or similar sports, the shoulder's decelerators are difficult to train, replicating the stresses they are subjected to under playing conditions.  The flexibility of the patented Tsunami Bar® Elbow/Shoulder Trainer is easily adjusted by moving one's hand up/down the length of the handle to give just the right amount of 'flex' needed to provide eccentric phase training effects unlike any other training device available.   


  • 1.25 pounds
  • Rubber tubing
  • Color: Black and purple

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