Jan 24

Treadmill. 6min.  3.5MPH for 5min. 3.8MPH for 1min. Not too bad

Belt Box squats 3x5. 90lbs total all sets.

Single leg curls 3x8. No weight 1set, 1 plate for 2sets.

Abs.  Ab pull down machine. 3x8.  

Felt worn out today.  Started a third anti-rejection medicine today=good times.  Ready to start living again and not avoiding everything and everyone due to my immunity system being non existent.  

Jan 25

Echo Bike.  6min. 1.57 mile this morn.  Tough but better.

DB bench. 3x8. 15/20/25lbs

FreeMotion Pulldowns. 3x6. 10/11/12

RopePressdowns. 3x8. Light

Nautilus curl machine. 3x6. Light

Abs. LifeFitness crunch 3x18/20/21reps BW

Felt pretty good this morning.  Was tired after the echo bike and it showed on the DB incline.  Energy was good from the cold brew.  Did more cardio between sets (cleaned gym).

Jan 26

Jacob’s ladder. 6min. SAME=TERRIBLE AGAIN, another huge quad pump.  Had to rest at 2:05.  Then about every 50 steps had to stop, but Stopped the clock every time when I jumped off to keep it at 6full min, dont think I can do more than that.

Deadlift (1 holes=sumo) 3x5 100lbs all sets RPE6/7

FreeMotion leg curls 3x6. 9/11/13

AB’s. AbCore machine 3x20/BW all sets.

Felt good today other than the stupid Jacob’s ladder.  Never thought I would say I’m looking forward to the treadmill instead.

First week of doing sumo out of rack 1pin. Cold brew for the W!!

Jan 27

Treadmill. 6min.  3.5MPH for 5min. 3.8MPH for 1min. Not too bad

BB overhead press. 3x6. 45/45/45 RPE 7/8

DB Shrugs. 3x8.  25/25/25 (RPE 7/8)

Lat PullDowns.  3x6. 10/10/10 (RPE 8/9)

Abs.  Ab pull down machine. 3x8.  10/10/10

still going SLOW. want to be healthy and build up my strength so i can lead a normal life. last 6/7yrs have been challenging but looking forward to future.

As far as clients and athletes. We started week 1 of 15 working towards testing. All reps and sets were 5x12 at a moderate %. Everything is going great. Keep moving.