January 31

Safety bar squats. 3x10. 65,75/75

Step-Ups. 3x5 each  Leg. BW.

DB RDL. 3x10. 10/10/10

FRONT PLANK. 2sets @15sec

Echo Bike. 6min. 1.50mile.  Was exhausted from the lift.  Did what I could.  Plan on doing a lot of steps today.  Also have my 8th biopsy today.  Looking forward to some great news!!!

Still HATE high reps!!!  But have to build my base back slow and steady.  Squats were tough but manageable.

Feb 1st

BB bench press. 3x10. 45lb bar

DB low row. 3x10. 20lbs

BB curls 3x10 25lb bar

Neck Machie/Band Pull aparts 4x14 (SS) black band

Abs, (physio ball crunch) (SS) PUSH-UPS. 3sets

Walked on treadmill pre workout.  Did 6min.  First 5 was at 3.5MPH.  Last 1 min was 4.0MPH.  Starting to get cold outside thinking about getting a treadmill at the house for days I don’t want to be around people the facility.

Drank some cold brew def helps with the energy.

Feb 2

Jacob’s ladder. 6min total.  2:30 w/out stop.  Then 3 more times w/stop between.  Crazy quad pump again.  Tough on breathing.  The devils machine.

AbCore. 3x25reps.

Hammer strength calf machine 3x20 BW

Feb 3rd

Treadmill 6min. 3.5MPH for 5min. 4MPH for 1min. Surprisingly easy. Best I have felt.

DEADLIFT.  3x10. Bar.

Belt March. 3x50reps.  10lbs

Hypertension (BW). 3x10

LifeFitness Crunch. 3x14. BW.

Crazy pump in hamstrings.  Feeling good though. 

Feb 4th

Standing DB Mil 3x10.  10lbs

Sitting Low row Machine 3x10. 20lbs

Band press downs (SS) FacePulls 3x10reps medium black band + small red

Russian twist 3x25reps BW

Plate Curls 3x10 10lb

DB shrugs. 1x25. 20lbs

Echo bike. 6min total time.  1:66 of a mile

Feb 5th

Treadmill 6min.  3.5min for 5min.  4MPH for 1min.  0.36 of a mile.

Neck machine 1x14reps all 4sides. 10lbs

Ab machine. 4x14 knee ups

(5) jabs each hand against heavy bag.

overall felt good this week. Slowly moving forward. Hoping to feel somewhat normal soon.

As far as my clients and athletes they did five sets of 10 reps this week. We also did most accessories at 10 repetitions as well. Next week we move down to five Saturday. And then after that we take a deload. Ready for the teams to start coming in again in the next couple months. Just still trying to stay healthy and safe until my immune system is better.