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The elitefts all-in-one Posterior Chain Developer. Overbuilt. USA Made. elitefts approved.
+ Glute Ham Raises 
+ Back Raises 
+ Bilateral Leg Lifts 
+ Nordic Hamstring Curl 
+ Standing Leg Curls 
+ Hyper Extensions 

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elitefts PCD Posterior Chain Developer 

The elitefts Glute Ham Raise/Hyper Combo offers a total posterior chain workout package in a compact footprint. With plenty of customization options to choose from, this machine is a staple in any gym serious about developing the entire posterior chain.

  • 80" deep, 33-1/2" wide
  • 3x3 7-gauge steel
  • Diamond plate footplate 
  • Diamond plate step up platform
  • Laser cut logos
    • Back of the footplate
    • On the hyper pendulum
    • center gusset
  • Adjustable foot pad (Up, down and front, back)
  • Linear bearing foot petal for easy adjusting


Custom Gusset Logo

GHR/Hyper Gusset


Custom Logo on Hyper Pendulum 

Pendulum Logo


Custom Stitch Color + Gripper Pad Option

Custom Stitching


Custom Back Footplate Logo

Foot plate logo

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