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Elitefts Develops New “Professional Rated” Designation To Communicate Best-In-Class Equipment

LONDON, Ohio, Sept 18, 2016—today Elitefts announced its Professional Rated designation as a way to better communicate to customers the comprehensive durability and performance criteria its power racks must meet.


“Professional Grade is an industry-recognized methodology to accurately measure and anticipate product performance for specially designated elitefts power racks,” said elitefts director of sales, Matt Goodwin. “We developed Professional Grade to communicate the industry-leading quality and durability that is engineered into our power racks.”


The new “Professional Grade” badge designates that each power rack carrying this icon has been designed to perform in a variety of extreme weight room conditions, including: Load Capacity, Stabilization, Repeated Use, and, Fit and Finish.


“As our product portfolio continues to expand, Professional Rated will help ensure that our reputation for providing the highest quality and most durable racks in the industry remains a cornerstone of our brand.”


What is Professional Rated?


Professional Rated indicates that elitefts branded power rack with the “PR” designation has passed specialized testing—which assesses the item for Load Capacity, Stabilization, Repeated Use, and Fit and Finish.


Professional Rated Equipment Load Capacity


Load Capacity

The load capacity standard indicates the total amount of weight the rack will hold (this includes both the “J-Hooks” and the pins). The durability of the elitefts Professional Rated power rack helps prevent damage from extremely heavy loads—at least double the heaviest competition squat ever recorded.

Frame design, material selection, and overall construction provides greater stability and minimizes any chance the rack will be damaged or bent under even the most extreme circumstances. 



Professional Rated Equipment Stabilization



Elitefts Professional Rated power racks can withstand the most demanding and excessive weight room environments with their combination of heavy-duty gauge steel, backer plates at all connection points, and high quality precision welds that are guaranteed for life under normal, commerical and professional use.


Professional Rated Equipment Repeated Use


Repeated Use

Why pledge that an elitefts Professional Rated power rack can take extreme loads, unracked and racked, over and over and over again? Because after endless hours a day and hundreds of athletes a week, you’ll need that long-term robustness and your organization will be glad you have it. Load the bar and keep them coming.


Professional Rated Equipment Fit and Finish


Fit and Finish

Aesthetically attractive, Professional Rated elitefts power racks help make a lasting impression and are designed to accentuate the uniqueness of your facility. Every part, finish, finish hardware, and custom branding element is manufactured above industry standard to make for rack that is a straight, flush, shiny one-of-a-kind showpiece. 


Professional Rated Equipment Fit and Finish



Professional Rated Equipment Fit and Finish


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