Dual Core Blaster


Twice the options, twice the fun. For team or group training, this is a must for efficiency.

Typically ships within 12-14 business days.


Dual Core Blaster

The Duel Core Blaster is an extremely versatile piece of equipment, which is perfect for rotational core work, as well as rows. The universal joint allows for complete freedom of bar movement. All you need is a bar and you're ready for a core workout like you've never experienced.

The Dual version allows for more than one athlete to train at the same time.

It also allows for many two-armed movements such as...

* Rows

* Leverage Side Raises

* Standing Front Press

* Floor Presses

* Rear Delt and Rotator Cuff Work

* Goblet Squats

* Stiff Leg Deadlifts

* RDL's

* Double Suitcase Rows

* Plus Much More!

Comes in black textured finish.

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