E-Series Farmer's Walk Handles

These Farmer's Walk Handles will serve reliably for years and are at a high-value price point you just can't beat.

Typically ships in 4-6 weeks days

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There are two ways to go: You can do a giant set of DB Shrugs (8-12 reps), Wrist curls (8-12 reps), Gripper (8-12 reps, followed by a 60-second hold), Glute-ham Raises (15-20 reps), Ab Crunches while holding a 45-plate overhead (to failure), and Twisting Leg Raises (to failure)...

You can load up a pair of Farmer's Walk Handles with slightly more weight than you used last workout and carry it at least ten yards farther than your training partner (who is sprawled on the asphalt like a spent cartridge) was able to make it.

Not only will the Farmer's Walk build more real strength in less time than the handful of fluff exercises that it replaces, but it feels a HELLUVA LOT more satisfying.

- 6 feet long
- Comes in a pair
- Each handle is approximately 20lbs with a 1 1/4 inch handle.

NOTE: Spring Collars do not fit or work with any specialty bar. We recommend any collar that screws down onto the bar such as PROLOC collars.
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