elitefts™ Sunday Edition

Every coach has to pay his dues. There are coaches in this industry that have paid their dues well above and beyond what most of their colleagues have—and Buddy Morris is one of them. To say that he has paid his dues to get back into the National Football league is an understatement. With thirty-four years of coaching experience under his belt this March, Coach X started his second stint in the NFL as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

Topics Covered in this Podcast

  1. How the Arizona Cardinals job came about
  2. What is first on the agenda in Arizona?
  3. High/Low Sequencing and the weekly plan
  4. Adjusting volume of training based on position
  5. Acclimation and assessment
  6. Having a background in rehabilitation
  7. Paying dues and being comfortable with your level
  8. How have things changed in the NFL?
  9. Modifications based on age and position
  10. Bringing in a world record holder as a coach
  11. Expectations this year

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