Moving Past Socialization

TAGS: strongwomen, socialization, Amy Wattles, women

Women do some amazing things, and their capabilities are mind blowing.

After my last two discussions on women’s roles and expectations in strength, it’s time to truly identify some strong women in action. As you are browsing through those videos, it’s time to be brutally honest and face the socialization issue head on. Can society handle the idea of a woman being strong?

Sadly, I know the answer. Within the meathead world, strong women have their place. Outside of that world, the stereotypical socialization and gender expectations reign supreme.

Thank you for your patience and for bearing with me as I have expressed myself through these articles. If the only mark I ever make in the strength world is with my words, I consider that a victory and a legacy I take pride in. My personal purpose of my log on elitefts™ has always been to make men and women stop and re-evaluate how society perceives the idea of strength in women, and to break some of the common ideologies.

Obviously, these women are at the elite and extreme spectrum of strength and are some of my favorite examples of strong women.

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