Amy Wattles


Amy Wattles competes in strongman, highland games, and grip. She has won several national championships in multiple strength sports, holds multiple world records in grip and has competed in the World Strongwoman Championship. In addition to competing, Wattles is a special education teacher and owns Competitive Edge Athletic Performance Center in Meridian, Idaho.

  • Grip!

    Well, I got word I will be doing a grip expo locally near the end of March.

  • DL

    Training is rolling along and little by little I am moving back into the right direction.

  • Squat

    The knee is being foolish. I threw some SquatGuide work in to help loosen things up.

  • better than black friday deals

  • DL

    I always hate to see loss of progress but it's a natural consequence when your training stinks.

  • The Abyss

    My struggle is to bring myself back to finding the pleasure and joy of the feeling of hard work and grinding.

    The Abyss
  • Bench

    Rolled in to the gym early to get some kind of work in. It was all by feel and motivation.

  • Press

    Going through the motions is half the battle so today was a success.

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