This year I decided to return back to competing in strongman. My plan was to take this year to rebuild in an effort to be competitive once again in 2017. I'm planning on making my final few years in strongman count.  My final competition plan for this year is to compete at Strongman Corporation's Masters Nationals at The Olympia on September 16, 2016.

Previous weight loss entries as part of the Rebuilding series in my log are all detailed here.

Rebuilding: Path To Success

I haven't really done a weight loss update since June.  I am currently still sitting at 50-55 lbs loss since earlier this year. So, no gain and no loss. Maintaining! That's a good thing.

The journey training for USS Nationals in conjunction with significant weight loss was frustrating. My strength was not consistent, my press and DL really suffered and I missed my bloat for performance. Once I changed paths to Northern Nevada's Strongest and SC Master's Nats, I pooped out of motivation for continued weight loss. The lack of structure over the summer didn't help much either.

The training time for Nevada was very short which then reduced my master's nats prep. My plate was full with the competition changes so my mind shifted to performance as a top priority.  The plan was once I went back to work in the fall, I would dial things in and get back on the program. Structure and routine are so critical with adhering to a plan.

So that's my politically correct answer and justification.  Then I went back to work and the first two weeks went down like this....


Total fatty mode! On the day I took this picture of my garbage can at the end of the school day. I may have spent my morning prep period  working on paperwork, eating Cheetos and drinking coffee for my post squat meal. The black container in the back was from a microwaved mac and cheese. That was a low day nutrition wise. Aaannnnd for my self respect.

Now that I'm back in the routine and my body has adjusted to being back, things are coming back together. Master's Nationals is next week so I am estimating by early October I will come back full circle and continue to drop more weight. Life is so much easier and cheaper when I'm sticking to the plan.