This year I decided to return back to competing in strongman. My plan was to take this year to rebuild in an effort to be competitive once again in 2017. I'm planning on making my final few years in strongman count.  My final competition plan for this year is to compete at Strongman Corporation's Masters Nationals at The Olympia on September 16, 2016.

From September 6, 2016

Axle Clean & Press

Nothing too crazy, just going fairly light and trying to loosen up my shoulders. They continue to be pretty tight and "off".

70, 3x5

120, 2x3

160, 3x2

Keg Runs, 220 lbs

1x50 feet

Mattie was there, offered some corrections with the carry position. Like magic, the next set was cake.

1x150 feet

That was the last official lifting day in preparation for Master's Nationals at The Olympia this weekend. I typically take 10 days off lifting before a comp. For USS Nationals, I took only a week off and that went well. I am back to the mental freakout that maybe I should have reduced my time off to just a week. The reality is family scheduling made it impossible to get another event or Squat day in.