2016 has been a productive strongman season returning back to the sport. In June I took third place in the Open SHWW with United States Strongman. In September I won the HWW America's Strongest Master with Strongman Corporation. I would like to continue to make improvements and push my performance considerably for next year.

As of right now, I have no competition plans until next year. I am not sure what they will be but am using this down time to address some weaknesses, particularly 12" log and circus DB. Grip training will return as well.

My monthly update on Borah Strongman...

Strongman club meets on Wednesdays. I am starting to believe that there is a curse against us. Let's just say this month was a wash.

As of today, our school has had SEVEN, yes SEVEN snow days since the start of the new year. To put that in perspective,  two is unheard of.  Add in Christmas Break to the mix, and I have seen students three days since mid December.

This seems to be the pattern for Wednesdays, although this picture doesn't really do the weather justice.



One week in December I canceled our training because the weather was so terrible which translates into a commuting nightmare. Then there was break, then a bunch of snow days and then....JURY DUTY which started on a snow day.

I pled with the judge not to be on the jury. If we returned to school the following day, I needed to be there. Too bad, so sad was basically the answer I got. What do you know, I was selected to be on the jury AND the trial went longer so yes, I missed our first day back from all the snow days. And in the end the defendant reached a deal and pled guilty to something. Not quite sure what but my gut assumption what the case was about was 100% spot on from the start.

Jury duty then led to canceling strongman and then another snow day the following day. This week, a crazy snow storm rolled in and nobody showed for our Wednesday training. I was happy to go home before the commute was out of control and WHOA! Snow day today.

So here we are. There is no consistency in school, IEP/Re-Eval meetings are constantly being rescheduled and I worry my strongman people are giving up on me.

Assuming the weather straightens out and the next storm is not as bad as projected, I will wrangle my people up before our scheduled session and make sure we're all back on the same page. Their sports schedules also complicate things.

In other news, I am in the process of writing a community education grant for a....wait for it....

 An Elitefts Super Yoke! Exactly what every high school needs!

Ipads and the like are so 2014. Nothing screams 2017 louder than a sweet, new yoke for all the kids to play with.

The grant is due mid February, so cross your fingers and toes along with me that it is approved! There are a couple more grants after that I am eye balling to get the school everything strongman they could hope for. We shall see!