This year I decided to return back to competing in strongman. My plan was to take this year to rebuild in an effort to be competitive once again in 2017. I'm planning on making my final few years in strongman count.  My final competition plan for this year is to compete at Strongman Corporation's Masters Nationals at The Olympia on September 16, 2016.

After competing this weekend, I was able to pop right back into the gym and resume my final weeks of training for master's nationals. My arms were pretty tired but was able to grind it out and get some work done.  It's a relief to focus on one competition and one set of events. I'm pleased with where I am right now on events and know these final weeks everything will come together like a charm.


Box Jumps - 3x6

Axle Clean & Press Each Rep

110, 2x5

150, 1x3 (all power cleans, nice starting point surprise)

150, 1x4 (power cleans)

160, 1x2

160, 1x1

Keg Runs

220 lbs, 3x50 feet

I revisited grippers and did some light closes. I was really looking forward to certification on the 2.5 before Master's Nationals but based on arm fatigue I am not sure that will happen right now.