Like usual, I made an abrupt and last minute decision concerning my competition plans. I will be competing in Northern Nevada's Strongest Man on August 13, 2016 in order to qualify for Master's Nationals in Vegas at the Olympia on September 16. In short, I changed my direction because of my love for grip and as a long time advocate to see the return to more grip inclusion in strongman. Northern Nevada's Strongest has max distance farmers and Master's Nats has an awesome farmer's type medley and frame hold for time. The events were calling me. In short, I am in love.

From August 6, 2016


Circus DB

Still losing the battle with the learning curve on this and went back in to the chiropractor. He went a little easier on my arms in light of the competition. My shoulder came up and I told him we were saving those issues for another day. This is all interconnected and really something I need to focus on strongly this winter.

45, 1x2 (both arms)
55, 1x2 (both arms)
65, 1x2 (both arms)
85, 1x0 ----just missing lockout


110, 1x200 feet (turns at 50 feet)
110, 1x50 feet then 30 second hold

Stone of Steel

180, 3x3


These have been pushed back again while trying to get a handle on my arms and recover.

T, 3x10