2016 has been a productive strongman season returning back to the sport. In June I took third place in the Open SHWW with United States Strongman. In September I won the HWW America's Strongest Master with Strongman Corporation. I would like to continue to make improvements and push my performance considerably for next year.

As of right now, I have no competition plans until next year. I am not sure what they will be but am using this down time to address some weaknesses, particularly 12" log and circus DB. Grip training will return as well.

The fam went to the gym together today to work on different goals as usual. The fun part of today was I was squatting in the mono and Magnus was in the rack.

Mojo snapped this pic as we were warming up. What a great way to spend the last day of 2016.




SquatGuide  Weighted Holds - 3x5

SSB Squat

bar, 3x5

175, 2x5

225, 2x3

245, 1x3

265, 3x3

Yes, The Boy out squatted me today. Going heavy was not in my plan for the day and it was nice nobody drew attention to the weight on the bar and me potentially being a chump.

Fat Block Pinch

35, 3x3

45, 3x1